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All handmade pieces are crafted using professional preservation methods. With the correct care it should last you a lifetime. 

It is not recommended to wear your jewellery while showering, swimming, washing hands, cleaning with harsh chemicals, using a home hair dye, tanning and solariums. 

Please avoid contact with all soaps, shampoos, perfumes, essential oils, lotion, excessive heat and UV rays.  

All sterling silver tarnishes over time and can easily be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth. Your natural body oils/skin cells etc can build up and affect how your jewellery wears over time, so it is recommend that you gently clean it every few months.

To look after your jewellery, run under water from time to time and use a soft, clean dry cloth to polish your keepsake regularly. Treat them like precious diamonds! 

If you require to send your piece back for mending, a top coat refresh service is available by request. 

Jewellery Care: Store Policies
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